Panels for your Puzzles

PANELS/FRAMES for your puzzles
Panel/Frame measurement is actually the COMPLETED PUZZLE SIZE(cm).
➡️ Made ready for either Landscape / Portrait display
➡️ Comes with hooks and strings/metal wire


READY MADE Panels/Frames
Click 👉here. Go to Categories and scroll down to "Panels for Puzzle Size(cm)"
Search by size (SHORTER x LONGER cm)

Desktop Version

Select Categories, scroll down to "Panels for Puzzle Size(cm)"

Mobile Version
Slide on the Shop By to see Categories, scroll down to "Panels for Puzzle Size(cm)"

CUSTOM Panels/Frames
Can't find the panel/frame suitable for your puzzles?  No problem.
You can now custom made your panel/frames, without bringing your puzzle down to framer (save your time and trouble!).
All it takes is just a message, we can get it custom made and deliver to you.
WhatsApp : 96580018